Business Owners

Congratulations on having built a successful company.

Our team understands the magnitude of your achievement. Unlike many private equity professionals, many of our principals have been owners in smaller private companies. Our team has personal experience growing companies, building organizations, paying off bank debt, fixing production problems, bearing financial risk, and, importantly, having a large part of our wealth (and liabilities) tied up in our businesses.

As business owners, we know that owning and operating a business is a lot of responsibility. We are keenly aware of the issues you face when it comes time to consider selling or diversifying your holdings.

This is our approach and our commitment to you as a prospective seller:

  • We will review your business quickly, professionally, and confidentially.
  •  We will close our transactions in a timely manner, with the least amount of disruption as possible.
  • We will seek to understand your underlying concerns and objectives and structure an offer that is "win-win."
  • We will be flexible about your ongoing role with your Company and will structure a transaction according to your interests. Many sellers have remained active managers and shareholders with us, while others have retired.
  • We work with a small group of highly qualified executives and can work with them to identify the right candidates to take over senior management responsibilities if you desire.
  • Alternatively, we can work with your senior management team as our operating partner(s). We will motivate and reward them with ownership opportunities.
  • We are committed, supportive partners, who are willing to invest in the future. We are team players. If you do not want us involved as active partners in your business, we are not the right investment partner for you or your team.
  • Experience, reputation, ethics, and credibility count to a seller. Our principals and partners have a history of running successful companies, building strong partnerships, and successfully growing companies. You should know that the party to whom you entrust your business to will treat your employees properly, fulfill their commitments, and have the capacity to make the business thrive and prosper. We are that party.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us.

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