About ACP

Who We Are

Austin Capital Corporation ("Austin Capital" or "ACC") is a private investment management company headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio that creates value through investments in lower middle market companies, principally in the Midwest, on behalf of a network of private investors.  

Austin Capital manages a range of affiliated investments and managed Austin Capital Partners, L.P. (or "ACP"), a private equity fund headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. The fund was formed in 2002 by its principals: Darrell W. Austin, William E. Conway and Charles R. Emrick, Jr.  Samuel S. Hartwell joined the Firm in 2007. Prior to forming Austin Capital and ACP, our principals and investors invested informally together in multiple transactions over the years. We are an experienced and cohesive team. 

Darrell Austin and Samuel Hartwell, as Austin Capital Corporation ("ACC"), are the active managers. 

While our investment criteria are flexible and opportunistic, our primary market focus is on smaller private companies that are transitioning ownership to achieve liquidity, diversify risk, or obtain needed growth capital.

Our investors include a number of highly successful operating executives who can lend their operating expertise to our portfolio companies as appropriate.

Our Philosophy

Austin Capital seeks to obtain superior long-term returns on invested capital. Over the years, we have found that we can achieve this goal by following some fundamental principles:

  • Structuring creative but prudent capital structures that enable us to simultaneously satisfy the goals of a business owner while minimizing financial risk;
  • Supporting proven management teams that are our equity partners, and whose long term interests are aligned with ours;
  • Building a portfolio of companies which share an established history of profitability and a range of products or services that have a sustainable competitive advantage;
  • Appropriately leveraging the experience and skills of our team of investors—experienced executives themselves.

Austin Capital's Role With Portfolio Companies

Our operating partners—the senior manager or managers in our portfolio companies—retain direct responsibility for managing their portfolio company, developing its strategic business plan, and executing that plan.

Our team brings experience and expertise in the area of operations, corporate finance, corporate development, and strategic growth. Post-transaction, our role will be visible through active board participation, support of corporate finance initiatives, coaching, or project work if appropriate.

The Board of Directors of a typical portfolio company will include one or more of ACC's principals and one or more of our Advisory Board members, each of whom will be an active and valued member of the team.